If you already get your electricity clean electricity from wind or solar energy, then you can also optimally supplement this with clean heating for your apartment or house.
With our carbon heating foil you do without diesel and gas and make a contribution to environmental protection. This saves you having to sign purchase contracts for diesel and gas and you only use as much of the clean electricity as you currently need for heating.
You can see other advantages in the costs and time required. The cost of underfloor heating with carbon heating foil is significantly less than a gas heating system or diesel heating system. The assembly is also so simple and quick that you can assemble it yourself.
You can retrofit your house with carbon film underfloor heating. This allows you to individually equip the rooms you need.
A thermostat and a sensor with which you can set the desired temperature ensure safety.
Carbon heating films are available in several designs, lengths and outputs. You can choose what suits your home. She follows the trend for environmental protection, cost-decreasing and flexibility in life.